SMA Kebangsaan - International



In accordance with the school founder’s vision and mission, Kebangsaan High School continuously strive to develop the teaching and education system to ensure the students would benefit from the school’s competitive advantage. 

Kebangsaan High School is managed by Lembaga Perguruan Taman Taruna Kebangsaan (LPTTK); an educational institution constitutes of combination of professionals who previously managed Taruna Nusantara Senior High School, and professionals in international education consultancy. 

Our commitment to support Kebangsaan High School students to study overseas is expressed in the special curriculum of “Study Overseas cluster”.  These clusters are specifically designed to focus on overseas study preparation, accommodating language lessons, academic assistance, and additional curriculum to enhance critical thinking, instilling the global mindset, and agility training.

The Office of International Affairs is in charge of establishing cooperation with educational institutions all over the world, as well as ensuring the student’s firm preparation of documents required for college admission and visa application.