SMA Kebangsaan - Environment



The beauty of the area at the foot of Mount Rajabasa and the seas of the coast of South Lampung is a very enchanting unit for anyone who wants to visit SMA Kebangsaan. Located in a rural area, on an area of ​​15 hectares, this school is different from the others. The use of green land which is quite extensive promises a beautiful atmosphere titled Green School. The learning system for students is not just a theory, but with direct practice in the field by utilizing the surrounding environment. Like studying the breeding of honey bees, plants, and so on.

It is 8.7 km from the Bakau Heni port, and 86 km from the Bandar Lampung direction. The nearest toll gate of Bakau Heni Utara is 3.1 Km from the location of this school, or takes about 5 minutes. SMA Kebangsaan also has its own strengths for the people of Lampung. With this strategic location, the focus of developing SMA Kebangsaan is not only in terms of education, but also in terms of empowering the economy of the surrounding villages. One of them is through the development of agro-tourism which will be maximized in the near future.