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Untuk Mewujudkan visi dan misi sekolah, SMA Kebangsaan menerapkan dua kurikulum dalam proses belajar dan mengajar di sekolah yaitu Kurikulum Nasional dan Kurikulum Khusus.


To develop students' abilities, especially in academia, the education system at SMA Kebangsaan is guided by Law no. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System and following the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 81 A About the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum. Teaching and Learning activities are focused on student activity and creativity. The teacher is more of a motivator, inspirer, counselor and mediator. Students continue to be guided to study to completion. Nurture and training are carried out with the principles of togetherness and kinship, mutually honing, nurturing and caring. The approach is persuasive, educative, and exemplary from the board of teachers and senior students.


Panca Prasetya, SMA Kebangsaan

Panca Prasetya, a student of SMA Kebangsaan South Lampung.
With the Grace of God Almighty, we students of SMA Kebangsaan promise:

Have faith and fear the Almighty God.
Being loyal to the Proclamation of Independence on 17 August 1945, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, and Upholding the Youth Pledge and Unity in Diversity.
Independent personality and free spirit. Upholding discipline, unity and integrity, and upholding the code of honor for students, and perdupsis.
Strive for high achievement and competition, and are willing to surrender all body and soul, for the aspirations and struggles of the Indonesian people.
Ready to learn to practice seriously, maintain physical equality and noble morals, create progress and prosperity, and give the best work wherever they are, for society, nation, state and religion.
The Code of Honor is a System of Values ​​and Basic Norms that occupies the highest position in the regulatory system and binds all citizens of SMA Kebangsaan, starting from the Principal, Teachers, and Employees and their families to all students. If this Code of Honor is violated, the sanctions are very severe, namely leaving the National High School Campus (issued) with or without prior warning.

Code of Honor for South Lampung National High School Students.

Upholding Panca Prasetya Students.
Respect and obedience to parents.
Respect and obey to leaders, teachers and employees.
Respect and obedience to the leadership of the State and all applicable laws and regulations.
Abstain from cheating and cooperate during exams.
Never cheat and lie.
Never steal and commit crimes.
Abstain from fighting and acting violently.
Abstinence from immorality and pornography.
Abstaining from smoking, drinking, drinking, drugs and other illegal drugs. 
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Apart from the general curriculum, SMA Kebangsaan also implements a special curriculum. Aims to develop student leadership potential with the target aspects of Mental Spiritual, Mental Ideology, Mental Struggle and Leadership. The Special Curriculum consists of three subjects, namely Nusantara, Leadership and State Defense. SMA Kebangsaan prioritizes three insights used to educate its students, namely: Nationality, Kejuangan, and Culture. In addition, students are given a Special Curriculum, in addition to the General Curriculum made by the Ministry of National Education which is used to improve these 3 insights, namely:

This subject has the aim that students have knowledge and understanding of the basics of leadership science so that they can develop their potential as a leader optimally. The material consists of:

Basic theory of leadership
Principles of leadership
Leadership traits
The art of leadership
Fundamentals of management
Problem-solving method
This material aims to make students understand and live up to the moral values ​​of religion, statehood, moral struggle, society as the noble values ​​of the nation's culture. The material of this lesson is:

Moral ethics
Historical values ​​of the nation's struggle and preservation of values ​​45
National Awareness
National discipline
Insights of the archipelago
National defence
National development
The aim is that students have the understanding and basic knowledge of defending the country and developing awareness of state defense which is expected to be applied in everyday life in a highly disciplined, national, struggle and cultural perspective. The material consists of:

Line up rule
Respect rules
Physical formation
Individual and group dexterity
Field knowledge
Field skills
Practice - practice
Practice field
In addition to the lessons above, 4 activities at Kebangsan High School are also implemented, including:

Scheduled Routine Activities

  • 04:00 s.d 04:55 - Wake Up, MCK
  • 04:50 s.d 05.00 - Pray
  • 05:00 s.d 05:50 - Morning exercise
  • 05:50 s.d 06:30 - MCK
  • 06:30 s.d 06:50 - Breakfast
  • 06:50 s.d 07:15 - Morning parade
  • 07:15 s.d 14:45 - Study in class
  • 14:45 s.d 16:00 - Extra lesson
  • 16:00 s.d 17:15 - Other activities
  • 17:15 s.d 18:15 - MCK, Pray
  • 18:15 s.d 18:45 - Dinner
  • 18:45 s.d 19:15 - Pray
  • 19:15 s.d 20:00 - Night parade
  • 20:00 s.d 22:00 - Night study
  • 22:00 s.d 04:00 - Sleep

Programmed Activities

  • Speech
  • Discuss
  • Computer
  • Scientific work
  • Martial sport
  • Art
  • Scout
  • PMR

Projected Activities

  • Ziarah makam pahlawan Radin Inten II
  • Rute perjalanan Radin Inten II
  • Latihan Ksatria Tangkas
  • Kegiatan-kegiatan OSIS
  • Big Day Commemoration
  • Study tours
  • Kegiatan tradisi penaikan bendera angkatan
  • Kaleidoscope

Independent Creative Activities

  • Utilization of free time
  • Cruise
  • Paid leave
  • A visit to the tutor's home

Kurikulum Khusus